Boost E-commerce Sales By Learning SEO Tricks


Changing the traditional ways of selling goods and services. E-commerce has transformed many offline stores to online stores. Learning boost e-commerce sales is not difficult at all.
But is moving to an e-commerce platform enough. No doubt it is an intangible way to reach out to the buyer. Did you know 80% of the e-commerce platforms fail and wrap up within 18 months? We brainstormed why e-commerce platforms were failing. Despite being exposed to a huge audience where was the kink. I will try to be honest. People jump to the conclusion of moving to eCommerce overnight. Are a part of this tribe?

Boost E-commerce Sales

A lot of planning and execution strategy is needed to be the hot favorite. Your selling commodities range from a laptop, mobile phone to the kitchen groceries. If your approach is audience oriented, you are bound to be the king. The trade through e-commerce has leaped from millions to billions to trillions in the shortest span of time. But has it moved so fast for you? If not then you need to check out if you are working on below lines



Feel your own website & Boost E-commerce Sales :

It is very easy to launch a website. How it is accessed and how does it download. Does a lot for your audience. Try to buy your products and services, is it easily navigable?

Keep your ‘About Us’ pages simple.

Your main page should contain least HD images. You may have the best use of graphics to avoid delayed downloading. There should be no communication gap between the quality of the product. The story you may paint in augmenting the sale of the product.


Boost E-commerce Sales

Complete No! No! to any contradictions at all. You have to sell a product so that it stays for all times in the market. Any sort of information may earn a distrust and the buyer may shift to other websites.

You are creating a trust in the buyer so be honest to keep to that trust.

At the same time keep the buyer updated with the latest. Believe it or not, it is the buyer’s market.

Do not shy away from giving away your contact information. Give mobile numbers and email addresses of your key persons so that in case of need the contact can readdress buyers. An after sale service will earn you a loyal customer It is much worth to have one in hand.

Now score your website!


Product pricing :


If e-commerce brings you more audience, it brings with it more competition too.

You are very much aware that e-commerce has given cost-effectiveness to the buyers. It is very convenient to compare the costs of similar products on different sites. So a customer comes to know about the quality and price of a product before buying the same.

Use pricing intelligence tool with a built-in crawler. To know competitive pricing on a competitor’s website. Offer genuine discounts to the buyer, offer special discounts on bulk purchases.

Add on services after the purchases.

Narrow down your margin, which may lead to high turnover. offer a “Free shipping”

Introduce multi-payment options as well for the convenience of the buyer.

Warranty/Guarantee :

As the buyer buys a product online and does not exactly know about the product. Maybe by way of color, size etc. You should be customer friendly and have your offers open and clear in writing. Have distinct places where you highlight the Warranty/Guarantee on the product on a separate page.

Beyond this, add on whatever the company can offer more, like free installation. Free demo or whatever else is suitable to the company costs. Remember Free is after all free. Wait till you read our point 5 it will gain you all the leads.

Shipping and Other Terms and Conditions :

Online trading is possible from any part of the world. So the goods or services are to import. It is a typical case where the terms and conditions of other country are also involved. You need to mention the terms and conditions of both countries. A clear advice or any help to the buyer should highlight at a prominent place on the web page.

You have to be clear about the rates and the delivery period. It will bring disrepute as imported goods may delay for delivery. If there is any rejection by the buyer! It becomes difficult or impossible to return the good, spoiling your good image.

M commerce:

Your laptop or PC is not the obsolete term but Mobile is easier. For the sake of convenience, people are for the present more familiar with the mobile phones. You should ensure that your website is responsive. You must keep yourself in tune with the competitive world. Besides, your e-store should be able to be accessed through mobile phones as well. It is found that about 2/3 rd buyers use mobile phones to place orders.

Promotions through Reviews :


Customers who place orders for purchases through a website. Mostly check the reviews and at the same times knows about the ratings of a particular product. We can adopt certain ways to promote reviews as below:

Show customer reviews on Google+ page and facebook page.

Customer reviews should highlight on the e-store. Negative reviews should be properly handled.

Tried all the above notice your sales. Maybe for initial months, it will not reflect on the sale. But will definitely increase the traffic to the e-commerce platform. If you feel the need of professional help many leaders out! There can help you out to emerge as the top e-commerce website.

Although the above basic changes have been tried and tested over. quite some time and have brought some drastic upward growth to many e-commerce websites. Happy selling!!

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