What Billing System Do You Use?

We use the online payment processing service <name of a service> to handle all our billing needs in the (The United States or Bangladesh). <name of a service > is one of the most renowned online payment processing services and handles billions of dollars in annual payments for some of the biggest, and smallest corporations around the world.
Here is the process…

Monthly Billing
We charge all clients on a monthly basis through an automatic process, unless specified otherwise. The billing system automatically charges our clients on the same date every month until canceled. In cases of holidays, weekends or other banking closing days, the payment date can be skewed a couple of days either before or after the regular payment date.

3-Day Notice before Charge
We will always send you an invoice via e-mail that also specifies the exact date of your upcoming payment. Please contact your Account Executive if you are not receiving these e-mails. Notice that not knowing of a monthly charge is not a valid claim, even if you have not received a notification e-mail.

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