How many thing are driving the content marketing revolution?

There are three things are driving the content marketing revolution.
A fractured media market has made it much more difficult for advertisers and marketers to cost-effectively reach large groups of people (like they once did).
Technological filters like caller ID, DVR, email filters, etc. have improved making it harder to “interrupt” people with mass messages.
Everyone has a library of information at their fingertips (the Internet). Consumers educate themselves by searching for information.

One is “MASS MEDIA” which has become MACROMEDIA.

In the 1950s, there were three TV networks. Today, there are too many to count! At the same time, advertising prices have not necessarily fallen (in many cases, they’ve gone up considerably). The end result is that it’s far more difficult to cost-effectively put a message in front of a large audience. Savvy marketers have responded by hyper-targeting their messages to a larger number of Macromedia outlets – placing viral videos on YouTube and Video channels; creating podcasts and recorded webinars etc.

Second is “TECHNOLOGICAL FILTERS” make avoiding Ads “EASY”.

Even when marketers find a large audience, it can be difficult to get a message through to them. Technologies like DVR and TiVo, make it easy for consumers to skip over commercials. Email SPAM filters can make it virtually impossible for anyone you don’t know to reach you. The solution is to create content that consumers and prospects not only want to view but also end up sharing. Viral videos are a great example of this.

And The Third one is “THE INTERNET” creates a world of information at your “FINGERTIPS”

In the past, if you needed a plumber, you might have had to sift through your mail to find a postcard with the name of a local plumber on it. Today, you can pick up your phone and search, “Maryland plumbers” and presto, you’ve found the right plumber for you! The Internet has fundamentally changed the way people shop. If you’re in the market for a new car, you no longer have to rely on your local car dealer to educate you on all the new models. You can go to Google and get more (and better) information in 15 minutes.

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