How to optimize an SEO friendly Content?

OnlineAdsZone in Bangladesh will suggest you about how to write an SEO friendly content. Here SEO Adviser will provide you a step by step guideline about how to write a search engine friendly content.

Step-1: Create Title Using Keyword
The title plays an important role to rank a website. Our Team knows the consideration of a title. Use keyword first on your title & then add some related word about your content.
It is very important to make your content strong.

Step-2: Create Search Engine Friendly URL
Internet Marketing Expert in OnlineAdsZone knows the values about using Keyword on URL. That will add some extra points to your website.
Do not use ugly URL.

Step-3: Importance of H1 Tags
Search engine always gives some extra points who using their keyword on H1 tags. We always take care of using H1 tags.
So our website is always top on the Search engine for different Keyword.
It’s very important.

Step-4: Using Multimedia
OnlineAdsZone is known about the importance of using multimedia. Multimedia makes your website more informative and educative. It will also minimize your websites bounce rate & give you some extra points. So try to use some info-graphics video & image on your website.

If you ask any SEO expert website then you will be able to know that they use a lot of image video info-graphics & multimedia to their websites.

Step-5: Optimize Your Subheadings with Keyword
A subheading plays some important role to rank. If you use a keyword like “SEO Bangladesh” try to keep it on your subheadings. If you read our website carefully then you will notice that we have used my keyword “OnlineAdsZone” on H2 & H3 tags.
Keep keyword on H2 & H3 tags is a great technique for SEO.

Step-6: Keep Your Keyword in First Paragraph
It’s very important to keep your keyword in first 100 words. It will be the best idea if you keep your keyword in first 50 words. Let’s take a look at our first paragraph for example.
It’s not enough to keep it on first 100 words. Do it naturally.

Step-7: Make a Responsive Website
OnlineAdsZone is an SEO firm that knows the importance of responsive websites. Google now started penalizing unresponsive.
Take a look our website on mobile then you will notice that how I develop our websites.

Step-8: Use Outbound Links
Outbound links play an important role to rank a website. It’s the easiest way to get more points from Google. Always give outbound links to authority websites. It’s now easy for Google understands your website info.

Step-9: Inbound links for getting more value
Use internal links for your websites. Internal links are important & every SEO experts love internal linking. Wikipedia is a great example of using internal linking. You do with relevant content.
As a well-known SEO Company in Bangladesh, we use internal links on every page at least 4-5 times.

Step-10: Increase Your Website Speed
Try to boost up your website. SEO Specialist knows how to boost up your website speed. Try to use faster hosting, optimize your image & CSS.
One of the best SEO Consultant is here to help you to boost up your website speed.
We always suggest using premium hosting for better result.

Step-11: Importance of LSI Keyword
LSI keyword means some related keyword of your main keyword. LSI keyword shows the relevancy of your content.
If you write a long article related keyword automatically add to your content. To make it perfect search with your main keyword & scroll down to view.
Such as my main keyword is “OnlineAdsZone” & LSI keyword you found at the bottom of the search engine.

Step 12: Proper Image Optimization
Proper image optimization is another important factor to rank a website. Always use ALT tag for your image using a keyword.

Step 12: Use Social Share Plug-in
Social signal is very important for a website. Always share your post on social media. Use a social share button on your website. Social share plug-in can help you to increase your sharing more than 500%.
This will definitely add value to your website. It will give you indirect ranking.

Step-13: Post Long & User-Friendly Content
Our SEO adviser knows the value of posting long-tail content. Search engine loves informative & long content. Length is a strength.
Keep your article easy to read. Google love the informative long article. Create long article at least 4000 words.

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