Do I really need Social Media?

The Just because you do not interest in Social Media does not mean social media will not show an interest in you. There are so many people leaving reviews of your products, complaining and asking questions. Maybe you do not see all your customers or your potential customer’s desire. That’s why they will Google your company (or the product category) before buying or going for an interview with you. Research shows that 80% of people often do this.
There is no doubt, once TV, radio, and billboards were powerful. But the time goes we can see the death of traditional advertising. However, at some point, there was so much advertising that people became secure to it. Our minds learned to riddle out anything that looks like an ad. 
Social Media Marketing does not look like an advertisement. As opposed to the entire concept of a promotional social media channels is to be informative and entertaining. And in this way, it still works, amazing, promotion.
Social Media marketing creates trust and attachment by exterminating a harming to businesses feeling that they are a “corporation”, a “system” that is made to only abstract the money out of the customers. Social Media shows that there are genuine people working for the company.
Social media simplify word-of-mouth marketing. People don’t listen to companies, people listen to their friends. So when they see a friend on Facebook following a company page, they are more pleased to believe that they, in fact, sell good products.

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