Webmaster Tools is very a great deal accepted and one of the complimentary SEO-tool. It enables webmasters, SEO-consultants and online marketers to gain significant SEO insights and improve the visibility and user-friendliness of their websites. Google Webmaster Tools is one of many SEO tools, but frequently use because of the tie-in with Google and the possibility to put together Google Webmaster Tools with Google analytics. However, it has some limitations for using this.
Google Webmaster Tools is an indispensable tool for search engine optimization (SEO). It enable you to see your site as Google see it, shows you which pages on your site are indexed, helps you recognize any harms that may avoid Googlebot from access definite pages or properly indexing them, and provide basic data include keywords, sitemap users most frequently enter to access your site and which sites link to yours. Using Google Webmaster Tools does not assurance your site a number one Google page rank, but it does get better your site’s chances of being correctly indexed and boost its place in applicable search outcome. This Quick Guide shows you how to get started using Google Webmaster Tools.
You will get benefited from using Google Webmaster Tools such as:
 Rapidly gain an SEO overview from the control panel
 View the website’s rankings based on keywords
 View imitation and clicks in Google
 See the keywords and how your traffic on page level
 Add or arrange sitemaps
 Add, test or modify crawling admission
 View and relegate site links
 Travel a website to a new domain
 To set canonicals
 Modify the crawl pace
 Configure URL parameters
 See the back links that refer to the website
 Insight into the back links to deeper pages
 See the amount of keywords on your website
Check to the internal links
So if you want to make a good SEO for your website then you must implement the Google Webmaster Tools. So use webmaster tool for your websites and take good output for your website. It also helps you find out if there are any errors with the site, what kind of keywords you are target, number of back links that are pointing to your site, number of pages indexed, and many more also. It is the fastest to update the number of back links you have, whereas other services are not that quick.

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